Travel Hacks for Women: Tips and Tricks for Easier Traveling

In this article, I will share with you some of my favorite travel hacks. These are the ones I have tried and I love to use every time I travel.

Use Saran Wrap to Prevent Spillage

You can use saran wrap to prevent your shampoos and soaps from exploding all over your suitcase. An easy way to prevent this is to remove the top and put a layer of plastic wrap down then you just put the top back on. This creates a barrier so no soap or shampoo or any of your toiletries will spill all over your suitcase.

Protect Your Powdered Makeup

What you will do is take a round cotton pad and place it inside each powdered makeup case and then close it tight. This will protect it from shattering and crumbling during any rough travel and will make sure that when you get to wherever you are going your makeup will still be all in one piece.

Organize your Suitcase

The next hack is really more of an organizational tip for packing your suitcase. Lay out your outfits ahead of time to prevent under or over packing and make sure to include a few good layering pieces like cardigans and scarves. When it’s time to pack, pack your clothes by outfit instead of by clothing type. This will make finding outfits every morning super easy and help keep your suitcase organized.

Dryer Sheet and Trash Bag

This hack will help keep everything in your suitcase feeling fresh and smelling fresh. You will need to pack two things in your suitcase – a dryer sheet and a trash bag. The dryer sheet will help your clothes smell fresh throughout your entire traveling. You will use the trash bag to put any dirty clothes inside so this helps separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes just to keep everything a lot cleaner and fresher inside your suitcase.

Take Pictures of Important Documents and Papers Before Traveling

The next hack seems totally simple but it can be a complete lifesaver. You will want to take pictures of important documents and papers before traveling. This way, if anything gets lost or misplaced you’ll have all the documentation you need right on your phone. Just make sure your phone is not connected to the cloud because you don’t want any important documentation going out into the cloud.

Have Multitasking Products

When traveling, having multitasking products is always key because it just prevents you from having to bring too many things. Something like a BB cream or another multitasking product is always great but my favorite thing is the hair straightener. Hair straighteners obviously can be used to straighten and smooth your hair but you can also use it to curl your hair and it also serves as a mini handheld iron for clothing that gets wrinkled in your suitcase.

Always Have a Water Bottle

Bottles of water are always overpriced yet there’s free water everywhere you turn if you just have something to fill up. I make sure to fill my water bottle every morning with some sliced lemons and water. Water and lemons are both cleansing and detoxifying, so it is a nice way to start your morning when traveling.

Those are my travel hacks for easier traveling, let me know your favorite travel hacks in the comments section.