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Amalfi Coast Travel Guide

The Amalfi Coast stretches for about 30 miles along the SORRENTINE Peninsula southern coast in Southern Italy. Just like a beautiful necklace, the Amalfi Coast is a spectacular coastline that sparkles with fragrant groves, hillside vineyards, and a grand sweeping history. There are certain places that are so legendary and so famous that it feels familiar even before you set foot there. One of such places is the “Road of a thousand bends”.

For thousands of years, the Amalfi Coast has attracted society’s beautiful and rich and inspired some of the greatest writers and artists in the world. Amalfi is this area’s largest city, and it is a great place to start your legendary journey. During medieval times, this town was powerful and wealthy and the merchants here spent gold coins instead of the barter system that was used in the rest of Italy.

Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea is one of this city’s magnificent buildings that reflect their early wealth. You can take a short trip to Pantone. This is a picturesque hillside village where Amalfi’s elite used to escape the crowds. Atrani is a fishing village just over the hill that has a local dialect and maintains its own traditions. Atrani is Southern Italy smallest principality and its medieval alleys and streets feel untouched by the hands of time.

The nearby villages of Furore and Praino have different beautiful beaches. One of such is Fiordo di Furore which was an ancient gorge that was used as a hideout for bandits for many centuries. The site of one of the greatest legends of all time is a little further along.

Just off the Positano coast is where Ulysses resisted the mythical calls of the sirens according to Greek mythology. Positano is perhaps the Almafi Coast best-known destination. Since the 1950s, it has a favorite of celebrities as it glitters with old world glamour.

Most of the paths lead to the Santa Maria Assunta and the town center from Marina Grande Beach. Hikers come from different parts of the world to stroll through lemon orchards on trails. Follow the ancient trails to the Ravello, a hilltop town. it is an elegant village known for the magnificent architecture that used to be the private home of a powerful and rich family, Villa Rufolo.

Visit Villa Cimbrone to see the Terraces of Infinity. Gore Vidal, the famous American writer called it “the world’s most beautiful view”. The Amalfi Coast charms once drew the Roman aristocracy before its medieval glory. Minori is the tiny fishing village where the elite of society loves to enjoy their summer days. The road from Minori leads to Maiori, another fishing town with one of the coast’s largest beaches. It is dominated by the San Nicola de Thoro-Plano Castle which is one of the area’s powerful defense system last remnants.

With its Mediterranean colors, endless sunshine and a landscape of breathtaking beauty and gripping drama, the Amalfi Coast is truly a legendary destination.

Travel Hacks for Women: Tips and Tricks for Easier Traveling

In this article, I will share with you some of my favorite travel hacks. These are the ones I have tried and I love to use every time I travel.

Use Saran Wrap to Prevent Spillage

You can use saran wrap to prevent your shampoos and soaps from exploding all over your suitcase. An easy way to prevent this is to remove the top and put a layer of plastic wrap down then you just put the top back on. This creates a barrier so no soap or shampoo or any of your toiletries will spill all over your suitcase.

Protect Your Powdered Makeup

What you will do is take a round cotton pad and place it inside each powdered makeup case and then close it tight. This will protect it from shattering and crumbling during any rough travel and will make sure that when you get to wherever you are going your makeup will still be all in one piece.

Organize your Suitcase

The next hack is really more of an organizational tip for packing your suitcase. Lay out your outfits ahead of time to prevent under or over packing and make sure to include a few good layering pieces like cardigans and scarves. When it’s time to pack, pack your clothes by outfit instead of by clothing type. This will make finding outfits every morning super easy and help keep your suitcase organized.

Dryer Sheet and Trash Bag

This hack will help keep everything in your suitcase feeling fresh and smelling fresh. You will need to pack two things in your suitcase – a dryer sheet and a trash bag. The dryer sheet will help your clothes smell fresh throughout your entire traveling. You will use the trash bag to put any dirty clothes inside so this helps separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes just to keep everything a lot cleaner and fresher inside your suitcase.

Take Pictures of Important Documents and Papers Before Traveling

The next hack seems totally simple but it can be a complete lifesaver. You will want to take pictures of important documents and papers before traveling. This way, if anything gets lost or misplaced you’ll have all the documentation you need right on your phone. Just make sure your phone is not connected to the cloud because you don’t want any important documentation going out into the cloud.

Have Multitasking Products

When traveling, having multitasking products is always key because it just prevents you from having to bring too many things. Something like a BB cream or another multitasking product is always great but my favorite thing is the hair straightener. Hair straighteners obviously can be used to straighten and smooth your hair but you can also use it to curl your hair and it also serves as a mini handheld iron for clothing that gets wrinkled in your suitcase.

Always Have a Water Bottle

Bottles of water are always overpriced yet there’s free water everywhere you turn if you just have something to fill up. I make sure to fill my water bottle every morning with some sliced lemons and water. Water and lemons are both cleansing and detoxifying, so it is a nice way to start your morning when traveling.

Those are my travel hacks for easier traveling, let me know your favorite travel hacks in the comments section.

How To Feel Like You Are Traveling Even When You Are Not

When it comes to being a part-time traveler, it definitely has its advantages. For example, you have the stability of a regular salary, you get to plan lots of little short breaks, and you get to create a lot of lasting friendships with those around you. With this in mind, spending a lot of time writing, talking, and singing about travel when you know that you have only a few days left until your trip can be very frustrating. But there is always a way to get rid of this mental obstacle – you just need to know how to do it the right way. If there is one thing that long-term travel can teach you, it’s that every single day should be appreciated for what it is – not just the days that you spend on the road. That being said, here are some things that you can do to make yourself feel like you are traveling even when you are not!

Eat Food That You Normally Don’t Eat

One thing that you should always do when traveling the world is try food that you don’t normally eat at home. With that said, you can do the exact same thing even when you are not traveling. Simply put, you can do the exact same thing at home. So, don’t be afraid to be creative with your dinner and try to make something new – something that you have never made before. And don’t be afraid to visit that one restaurant that you have always wanted to visit.

Take Lots of Photos

You know how many people want to take as many photos as they can possibly take when traveling the world, right? And you probably love to do the exact same thing, don’t you? Well, if you love it so much, why don’t you do it when you are at home, too? It is a completely normal thing to do, and it might make you feel like you are on the road as well.

Communicate With Strangers

We all know that talking to strangers abroad is often a much better experience than talking to strangers back home, right? But does it have to be that way? It actually doesn’t! With this in mind, don’t be shy and try to talk to as many strangers as you possibly can. Even though you are doing this in your hometown, there is absolutely no reason for you to feel shy or embarrassed.